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tv   FOX5 News at 530pm  FOX  October 20, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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more about a school administrator who slammed a freshman student to the ground... trying to break up a fight. but in the process... the girl's mother says her daughter had to be taken to the emergency room with a serious head injury. fox5's adam herbets found out... now there's a possibility for criminal charges. john/ christine the mother says police told her this whole case... including this video could be getting sent over to prosecutors with the district attorney's office. we've been showing it to you -- only on fox5 -- for about a week... and still c-c-s-d is refusing to talk about it. (nats fight) this was almost a fight between a freshman girl... and a senior... it got broken up by an administrator... but in the end... mom says the man
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more harm than good. that is child abuse! cps would have came and picked me up if that would've been me on the video throwing my daughter like that. cps would have been at my door. the officer would have arrest me, and then i would have been on the news. but guess what? it's not me on the news. it's the administrator on the news. from this video -- it's hard to tell exactly what happened in the few seconds before the body slam... but now attorneys on every side are taking a close look it. the mom's lawyer. the school district's lawyers... and now, mom says, school police are forwarding it to the da's office. the girl was gone. her opponent was no longer there. what was this for? it was an angry administrator she says police told her that's assistant principal chris isle... the school district isn't confirming or denying that... but all they will say is that the person in that video... has been moved to an administrative office... pending the completion of a police investigation. mom is still waiting for an apology. they haven't reached out to me. they haven't
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look at the emergency room paperwork... we saw the damage. the 13-year-old was diagnosed with a concussion... a sprained shoulder... and a strained back. it's very scary because you never know what can happen later on in life. and we wouldn't be sitting here looking at a child at home with injuries. we be planning a funeral. thank god because we didn't have to do that. but as for this? that was way out of pocket. when we asked the mom... why the two gi an argument... she said it's because one day her daughter accidentally bumped into the other girl who dropped her phone... and ever since that day she has been bullied. she says at this point she's already planning on taking her kids out of that school. reporting in studio, adam herbets, fox 5 news local las vegas. a carjacking suspect shot by troopers in henderson has died. the 28-year-old was taken to sunrise hospital yesterday. troopers say he led them on a
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stealing a car from a woman downtown. he got all the way to henderson, where they say he forcibly carjacked an elderly couple. he was shot trying to get away in their car. his identity has yet to be released by the clark county coroner. henderson police are looking for a woman who robbed a bank this afternoon, here are pictures of her from inside the smith's on eastern and horizon ridge. police say she set down a note demanding cash just after two... then took off into the store's parking lot with the cash. anyone who should call crime stoppers at 702- 385-55-55. early voting in nevada begins this saturday. you'll be able to cast your vote in clark county until november fourth. you can vote at any early voting site before election day-- but come november eighth, you'll have to go to your designated polling place. we now know where and when president obama will be speaking in the valley this weekend. he'll be urging people to vote and rallying for hillary clinton and catherine cortez masto at cheyenne high school this
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doors open at 1:45. the event is free but requires a ticket. in order to get a ticket you have to visit one of the organizing offies in town between now and saturday. for a full list of those offices, head over to our website at fox5 vegas dot com and click on this story on the homepage. the campaign trail is a family affair. last night we heard from donald trump junior here in la svegas.. and today ivanka trump was back out drumming up support for her dad. she hit the wisconsin to let everyone know that with donald... what you see is what you get. she's says-- he's not always politically correct and that's why people like him... because he's not another typical politician. she feels that's why he'd be the perfect voice for america. "he is incredibly candid. he will never lie to the american people. he will always be forthright with his opinions and perspectives even if that's not what someone wants to hear. it's who he is and he doesn't know how to be another way. "
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when it comes to her title on the campaign trail, she is not an advisor or a confidant... she is only a daughter. she also says her father will accept the outcome of the election. while the candidates took to the stage last night... north korea was launching another missile. the result of the test... and what the country is saying about it's goals for the future. and tesla is upping its game yet again. what it says about the hardware going into its newest models. this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live local news right now
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thousands of nevadans go to work oducinclean solar energy. but when congressman joe heck goes to work, he puts their jobs at risk. voting against nevada solar. and for billions in oil company tax breaks. while oil billionaires spend millions to elect heck. he's representing the interests of big oil. joe heck is not working for nevada, he's not working for our families, and he's not working for me. the sierra club and lcv victory fund are responsible for
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clear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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announcement from tesla... that all new models will have full self-driving hardware. that includes the much-anticipated model-three. the company says the self-driving features in the new cars will be substantially safer than having a human driver. the cars feature ultrasonic sensors to detect objects near and around the car - further than what the human eye can see. it will also be able to see clearly through fog and heavy rain. the company also promised software updates and new features for earlier tesla models. and if all that wasn't enough- driverless tesla will travel from la to new york city by 2017. home sales are on the rise... and so are interest rates. the national association of realtors reports sales of existing homes rose more than three percent over the past four months. new numbers out today show the average interest rate for a 30-year- fixed rate mortgage this week was just over 3 and a half percent. that's up slightly from last week but is about a quarter of a
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last year. nintendo putting out a new way to game. the most impressive features about its latest console. "the north koreans have launched yet another missile, i'm lauren blanchard in washington, with more details on how the us and its allies plan to respond. next" your fox5 weather 24/7 forecast is coming up next this is fox5 news at 5:30, your only choice for live local news right now more disturbing putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. planned parenthood should absolutely be defunded. and congressman hardy said he supported trump 100%. like trump, hardy opposed legislation to ensure equal pay. and hardy fought to defund planned parenthood, just like trump. ruben kihuen respects women.
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to make our own health decisions. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's hard to make the past dissappear, but danny tarkanian is trying. he'd rather you forget about all of his failed runs for congress, senate, and secretary of state. the property taxes tarkanian skipped out on for years... the telemarketing scammers he represented... all those fake charities he helped set up. he can try all he wants, but danny tarkanian just can't bury his past.
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developments out of north korea just hours before donald trump and hillary clinton took the stage here in las vegas last night. u-s leaders promising an overwhelming response to north korea's latest missile launch. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard has details from wa as americans were getting ready to watch the final presidential debate... north korea attempted yet another missile launch... ((nats)) defense secretary ash carter hosting the top south korean diplomat and defense minister at the pentagon to discuss north korean nuclear threats. carter says: "united states remains committed to defending allies against any threat with full spectrucm of americna military might. /
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korea's second failed missile launch in the last week...and more than twenty this year... including two nuclear tests north korean state tv vowing to continue the launches krt news reader/ voice of translator: "even if the south korean puppet regime barks like an insane dog, we will continue to launch more satellites in order to conquer the universe." u.s officials are concerned the missiles could one day hit american forces in guam and thousands of troops in japan. secretary of state john kerry has promised advanced anti-missile systems to south korea, despite chinese objections. blanchard says: "the u.s and china are in u.n negotiations to further tighten sanctions against north korea, the u.s belives less money into the impoverished nation may mean they'll trade their nuclear aspirations for aid money, but officials fear that is unlikely." in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news" flood water are receding while
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rescues have begun in eastern north carolina. and it looks a lot of the ones who needed the most help were on four legs. many cats... dogs and other creatures were found in the middle of flooded areas. volunteers and vets had to nurse them back to health-- before trying to unite them with their homes and owners. the local north carolina animal care says they rescued 16 dogs during the floods. fisher says: "even just in our hotel at night we had people coming up to us. have you seen my dog, did you guys feed my dog have you seen my cats and theyer to answer yes we got into that area. we were able to leave food for your dog." hundreds of other pets were deemed to be in safe spots and did not require rescues. although-- rescuers still left plenty of food and water for them as well. now fox5 weather 24/7, with chief meterologist ted pretty sunny skies and plenty of warmth for us friday and saturday with highs in the mid-upper 80s. we'll stay at 86
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with southwest breezes and a slight chance of showers on sunday afternoon. we'll keep that chance into monday with breezy conditions at times and a high of 80. we'll dry out and see highs in the low 80s tuesday through thursday. sunny skies and plenty of warmth for us friday and saturday with highs in the mid-upper 80s. we'll stay at 86 degrees on sunday with southwest breezes and a slight chance of showers
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afternoon. we'll keep that chance into monday with breezy conditions at times and a high of 80. we'll dry out and see highs in the low 80s tuesday through thursday.
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following lackluster sales on their last system... nintendo drops a first look at their newest console... it blends home and mobile gaming in one hi-tech package. jeremy roth reports... with the announcement of their newest console.... nintendo is looking to change the game. thursday, the company posted a
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trailer of the nintendo switch, formerly nicknamed the "nx." in the video, gamers make use of the console's signature hybrid feature.. the ability to switch from home console mobile... then to a sort-of mini console...then switch back. the switch's versatility shows the company embracing the burgeoning mobile gaming market...while staying true to it's home console roots. nintendo's last system, the wii u, failed to meet the high expectations set by it's super -successful wii. the announcement of the switch represents a fresh start for the company whose two main rivals, sony and microsoft... recently announced unprecedented mid-generation "upgrades" to their current systems- the ps4 and xbox one. with those systems currently dominating the market-- nintendo is hoping the unique features of the switch- which is coming in march 2017-- will be enough to convince gamers to...well...switch hillary clinton, donald trump and a priest...
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together tonight. here's a live look. the dress is formal... but the speeches... will not be. hillary clinton, donald trump and a priest... the event that's bringing the three together tonight. here's a live look. the dress is more formal... but the
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nra member: do i believe good, law abiding citizens have a right to bear arms? you bet. and with that right comes responsibilities. do i believe convicted felons have that same right? no. but right now, criminals can easily get guns with no background check. i'm a member of the nra. owning guns is my right. but letting criminals walk into a gun show and walk out with a gun, no questions asked? that's a threat to all of us.
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jacky rosen: i'm jacky rosen and i approved this message. man: the tea party republicans in congress want to cut social security. woman: and danny tarkanian wants to join them. man: he is proud to call himself man: he wants to privatize social security... woman: ...just like them. woman: risking social security benefits on wall street. man: danny tarkanian would raise the retirement age... woman: just like the tea party republicans in congress. man: they would take away what we've paid for out of every paycheck.
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new' stories we are working for
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dramatic video shows a texas police officer saving a boy's life... after he has a seizure. we hear from the officer about the rescue. and... a recall alert! tens of thousands of hyundais have been affected. we'll tell you the reports the automaker have received about its sonata. and... some customers who thought they purchased "apple" products off amazon -- may have fakes! which devices the company say are counterfeit... just 24 hours after squaring off in the final debate, donald trump and hillary clinton have found themselves in the same room again. they're separated by a church official-- and it's not a joke.. this is the al smith dinner in new york. the high-society fundraiser supports catholic charities. this dinner is all about self deprecation. the candidates typically deliver lighthearted remarks, poking fun at themselves and one another. thanks for joining us.. fox5 news at 6
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you spend a lot of time opening doors for these little guys. but congressman heck opens them for these guys -- special interests and the billionaire koch brothers. they spent millions supporting heck, and heck supports their agenda -- special tax breaks even for corporations shipping jobs overseas. worse, heck pays for them by cutting education congressman heck is what's wrong with washington. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. it's hard to make the past dissappear, but danny tarkanian is trying. he'd rather you forget about all of his failed runs for congress, senate, and secretary of state. ...and the shady record that killed his chances every time. the property taxes tarkanian skipped out on for years... the telemarketing scammers he represented...
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his past.
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live from las vegas fox5 news at 6 starts now. "right now it's my daughter. it's about her head injury. it's about her back. it's about her shoulder." a mother says the district attorney's office may be looking into this video... after her daughter was thrown to the ground by an assistant principal. it's a story you'll five. a child is accidentally shot... after a loaded gun was left in a room. what neighbors say the gun was being used for. closed captioning will resume shortly this is fox5 news at 6. local. las vegas tonight in a story you'll only see on fox 5 -- a school fight is caught on video.


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